Air Conditioning in Africa

Imagine, returning back to the hotel after spending a day in extremely hot and humid conditions, and trying to cool your body through the ceiling fan. Ceiling fans, can at best, provide you with temporary relief, but they cannot chill your body, as they only circulate the warm air inside the room. They can never dry your perspiration, as they are not a dehumidifier. You can easily suffer from a variety of ailments such as heat strokes. Considering this fact, it is extremely important to book an accommodation in hotels that provide central air conditioning when visiting extremely hot countries in continents such as Africa and Asia. While booking the hotel online, check if they have industrial air conditioning installed in their property. Such an air conditioner chills the entire property by passing chilled air through insulated ducts and cools the rooms and other parts of the property through openings (indoor blowers) that forces the chilled air inside the rooms and other parts of the hotel. The biggest advantage of such a device is that it acts as a dehumidifier too. This means that your perspiration will dry within a couple of minutes after you enter the hotel.

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Why you need a chilled room

Prolonged exposure to extreme heat can lead to heat stroke, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and in certain circumstances in death too. Apart from this, it can also aggravate pre-existing chronic conditions like cardiovascular, cerebral, and respiratory diseases. These types of severe health consequences typically affect more weak individuals such as kids and elderly citizens as well as those who are suffering from respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. It also affects people from countries that have mild temperatures, when they visit countries in continents that have extremely high temperatures, like Asia and Africa, particularly if they visit those countries during the peak summer season. If this is not enough, people will face problems sleeping at night because of a combination of high temperature and humidity. This can also cause respiratory tract problems as well as suck the energy out of individuals, especially the elderly and children who have a weak immune system. Therefore, it is a wise idea to book a hotel that offers centralised air conditioning when planning to visit the countries mentioned above. You can opt for a room containing a window or split AC, but opting for properties having industrial air conditioning ensures that you remain comfortable, even when you are in the lobby of the hotel or in its restaurant.